About company

A company with a long history and an established position on the market of veterinary medicinal products in Poland.

Biowet Drwalew

The company’s roots reach back in history as far as 1929 when Stanislaw Klawe founded a plant manufacturing serum and herbal preparations for the needs of Industrial Chemical-Pharmaceutical Society SA based in Warsaw. In post war Poland the company was turned into a state owned enterprise. In 1994 the company came into the ownership transformation period which in 2001 Polfa Grodzisk Ltd became the main share-holder of the company. Currently the company  ZDROWIE DLA PRZYSZŁOŚCI Ltd. is a dominant shareholder.

On July 1, 2020 the company was divided according to DIVISION PLAN. As a result the limited liability company (Biowet Drwalew Ltd.) was established.

Biowet Drwalew Ltd. continues its traditions by conducting research and developement and providing products with an established brand and proven effectiveness.


A wide range of veterinary products

Biowet Drwalew specializes in the distribution of pharmacological and biological products. In a distribution of ointments and calcium preparations we are occupying the first position in the whole-counrty ranking. The firm provides products in Poland through the wide network of authorized veterinary wholesale, establishments covering the whole territory of Poland.

Good Manufacturing Practices GMP

The majority of the products we offer, are manufactured meeting the community GMP and WHO requirements of superior quality.


President, Executive Director

Bogusław Monczak
tel. 48 6649938

Finance Director

Maria Kędzierska
tel. 48 6649903

Marketing and Sales

Cezary Żbikowski
tel. 48 6649939

Biowet Drwalew Ltd

6 Grojecka Street,
05-651 Drwalew, Poland

Rejestr: Sąd Rejonowy Lublin-Wschód w Lublinie z siedzibą w Świdniku VI Wydz. Gosp. KRS nr 0000496205

NIP: 525-25-79-491
Kapitał zakładowy: 1 000 000 złotych
Kapitał wpłacony: 1 000 000 złotych